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Wilfred Williams

Private Group Training Session

Regular price $950.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $950.00 USD

Silver (5 Private Session) $950

Diamond  (10 Private Session) $1500

Platinum Group  (15 Private Sessions) $2025

Gold (20 Private Sessions) $2400

Group Training (2-6 players)

We provides the opportunity for players to work in group setting if they are not comfortable training on their own. Training with a friend is the most popular request from players and parents. We believe that having another player that is a similar skills level or drive as you, challenges you and encouraging you to be more ambitious, therefore you are more likely to work harder and get more out of the session.

Soccer is about working together as a team. When you are in an environment like that, you are learning life lessons. Plus, training with a friend also makes the price of the session a little bit cheaper.

Go ahead, ask a friend to join you and come train with us. We will love to work with your group.

Passing & Receiving
Aerial control
1v1 attacking & defending
Strengthen weak foot
Train the brain
Ball Mastery
Positional Specific Training
Sports Performance (Fitness, Speed & Agility, mobility, flexibility, breathing and balance)