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Wilfred Williams

Private 1on1 Training Session

Regular price $550.00 USD
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Silver ( 5 Private Sessions) $550

Diamond ( 10 Private Sessions) $950

Platinum ( 15 Private Sessions) $1,275

Gold ( 20 Private Sessions) $1,500

1on1 Training

Are you looking to improve weakness of your game? Are you new to the game? Do you need more touches on the ball outside your team training sessions? Are you professional/semi pro player preparing for the season or tryout? If this is you, come train with us. Willex Training provides one on one attention to work on strength and weakness of your game.

Focus on the technical development of the game, which include:

Passing & Receiving
Aerial control
1v1 attacking & defending
Strengthen weak foot
Train the brain
Ball Mastery
Positional Specific Training
Sports Performance (Fitness, Speed & Agility, mobility, flexibility, breathing and balance)

If you want to work on any of these points or you feel like you want to touch on everything listed above, book a session now.